Charming Bone Ear Plugs

Hollow Star Bone Ear PlugSure, you are a man but that does not stop you from adorning yourself especially when you want to draw attention to your pierced ears. True, the danglers that most young and pretty girls wear would be too outlandish for you but that doesn’t mean that you cannot highlight your ears by means of lovely ear plugs. They remain close to the skin and make a positive style statement wherever you go. The same rule applies to women too. It is not always the bold and beautiful that attracts, your ear jewelry may be obscure and subtle but it will remain the center of attention provided you manage to choose the right kind.

You really don’t have to rack your brains on this. Logging in to will help you to find the answer at once. You can never hope to click on another item once your eye has caught sight of those uniquelystunning hollowstarboneearplugs. The hollow in the shape of a star is definite to be a hit whether you are a man or woman; young or old, the outcome is sure to be positive with you grabbing the pair as if your life depended on it. Wait a minute though! What about choosing another pair that is slightly bigger in size? You actually have the option of choosing from 9 different sizes starting from 6 mm. Surely you are not going to remain without it once you establish your ownership over it. Start small at 6mm and then gradually progress through 8mm to 22mm by showing them off on various occasions or even without an occasion. It is certainly your right to decorate your immaculate ear piercings and you can do it ideally by virtue of these charming bone ear plugs.

The price is exactly right too. Why bother to spend hundreds of dollars on gem stones and precious metals when you have the option of the perfectly natural material in the form of a bone for your jewelry? $3.39 will get you a pair of these ear plugs and all you have to do to take advantage of this bargain is to buy 2 pairs at a time. The price increases minimally once you select a bigger pair but it still remains highly affordable and you will not hesitate to pay once you anticipate the pleasure it can give you.

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