Casting Turtle Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel

Showing off your cute pierced ears by sporting an ear stud or dangler is nothing new nor does it attract attention in a big way. However, you do have to be the Numero Uno in your area especially when you have taken so much of trouble in getting your body pierced. No worries though, you are entitled to wear flesh tunnels that can expand your ears, making the entire world sit up and take notice when you pass by.

Finding the appropriate pair is not too difficult though. After all you have the freedom to log into the online store without much ado. Simply take a look around and you are bound to find something that beckons you. Look at the wonderful casting turtle screw fit flesh tunnel for instance. You are sure to be hooked at the first glance at this sweet turtle totem, sitting pretty on the flesh tunnels that can be secured properly by means of a screw at the back.

The casting jewelry catches every aspect of the creature so that you feel like it is real and will start moving any moment. Despite the detailed casting, this piece of ear jewelry is imminently affordable. This fact might astound you so much so that you are willing to contact the store and inquire about the price again and again. Well, there is no hidden cost or cause associated with this wonderful item though. It will be yours for the printed price of $2.89, although you may have to pay a minimal amount of $1.20 extra for a pair that is extraordinarily large at 20mm. The smallest size is 8 mm and you have the freedom to buy a pair of every size in between. Remember that you are getting the taciturn turtle at wholesale rates though and you may have to purchase a minimum of 4 to avail of this opportunity.

There is absolutely no need to look glum at this piece of news. You stand to benefit even more by opting for several pieces at once. Anything exceeding 100 will bring the base price down to $2.31. Now isn’t that a chance of a lifetime? Come on, you need to grab this unique opportunity with both hands. You are certain to find a use for all those extra pairs of flesh tunnels that you couldn’t resist. Hand them out as gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, and Anniversaries or use it as an excuse to keep your sweetheart happy.

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