Casting Lion Face Screw Fit Ear Gauges

Enlarging a pierced ear by means of stretching via an ear gauge is not surprising. It is usually done in order to wear certain types of jewelry that are exotic to look at and will give you a unique appearance. While it is perfectly alright to go with the flow and get your already pierced ear stretched to a certain degree, it would be prudent to do it slowly by increasing the gauge size one at a time. Health issues are likely to abound otherwise and you may find yourself being troubled with dermatitis, irritations and allergies all of a sudden.

The beauty in having a stretched ear lies in the mind boggling varieties of material that you can utilize as jewelry. Forget offbeat ones like stones, bamboo, and bones for a minute though and concentrate on the safest of all materials i.e. stainless steel. It happens to be totally anti corrosive and 100% safe for your delicate pierced ear and you will do well to go with it in order to safeguard your health.

It is time to find out a treasure trove of stretched ear jewelry though. You just cannot choose to ignore here. Simply log in to the fantastic online jewelry store and be rewarded with a stunning array of the most gorgeous ear piercing jewelry ever. Be sure to glance at the unique items of casting lion face screw fit ear gauges once you have the web site open. Isn’t it going to be difficult to turn your gaze away from the bold and beautiful ear gauges?

It is a great sample of casting jewelry made out of 316L stainless steel that has no equal whether it is skin safety or aesthetics. It is time to make a fashion statement so go all out and sport the snarling lion face in your ears by all means. Available in a range of sizes starting from 8 mm that goes up to 20 mm, there will be no dearth of alternatives for you as you joy with the idea of stretching your piercing a bit more thanks to the ear gauges.

You are entitles to purchase more than 100 pairs too and qualify for the unbelievable advantage of grabbing it all at $2.31 only. The price for a single pair will set you back by $2.89 though and you are required to purchase 4 of them at once to avail of the wholesale rate.

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