Casting Hippopotamus Screw fit flesh tunnel

Having your ears pierced and sporting a number of fashionable earrings and studs is no big deal. You will find almost every girl on the street with ear rings or plugs in their ear piercings. Some places in the East also have a tradition of wearing precious metals in the ear piercings. However, you are bound to catch the attention with something as uncommon as a flesh tunnel for your ears. Also known as expanders, this hollow, tubular piece of ear jewelry will have an expanding effect on your piercing. Whether you have a 5mm piercing or 50, the flesh tunnels are reasonably comfortable to wear. You can actually keep going for a long time, flesh tunnels securely in place, without feeling the urge to take them off in order to give your pierced and expanded ears a respite.

Choosing the material for your expanded ears is a simple affair. Comfort is the key here apart from health and you would do well to avoid precious metals like gold and silver as they are going to be hugely expensive as well as a trifle heavy, especially when studded with gem stones.

Steel, especially stainless steel is definitely going to get your vote here as it is light weight and easily cleaned apart from being so comfortable that you tend to forget about them. Inserting the flesh tunnel is easy as a pie. All you have to do is insert it slowly through your ear piercing and secure it with the aid of the screw at the back.

Sure, a gleaming flesh tunnel made of 316L stainless steel is both safe and convenient. But don’t you want something extra? After all, you have taken pains to pierce your ears and then expand them, experiencing pain at times. Do check out the enormous collection of flesh tunnels at The array is simply mind boggling there. However, be ready to pounce on the beautiful casting hippopotamus screw fit flesh tunnel at the online store. It is lovely to look at and exotic at the same time and having a hippopotamus in your ear is surely not commonplace. You are bound to be the talk of the town for days afterwards and yes, you should revel in it.

Make it a part of your own style statement by buying a handful of these lovely flesh tunnels at wholesale prices. It is virtually a steal at $2.89 and comes in all sizes starting from 8mm.

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