Care for Your Tongue after Getting it Pierced

Who said that you have to be conventional all the time? Unleash your rebellious and adventurous side by opting for tongue piercing with stylish and sleek tongue barbells. Style is all about what you like to do with yourself and not about what others say you have to do. If there was a punk residing in you always, it is time to unleash it and forget about the boring conventional you. Jazz up your look with tongue piercing and give your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend a surprise. Or you can do it the other way round. Add a spark to your love life by becoming a little wild by sporting a stylish tongue barbell.

Taking Care of Your Pierced Tongue

Now, you have got your tongue pierced to look wild and hot but if you do not take care of your tongue after that, then you are exposing yourself to various risks. Thus, after care is a must. Use a mouthwash which is free from alcohol and fluoride at least 4-5 times day and then clean the piercing softly. You can also wash the area with mild anti-microbial soap and dab sea salt before going to bed. Be aware not to touch the piercing except for cleaning it. No matter how much you wish to touch and feel it. It is important to wash your hand before trying to clean the piercing or else you may catch infection.

Use a napkin or paper towel to keep the place dry. Always have some of these near you because it is usually wet inside our mouth and you will need to keep it dry so that the swelling subsides quickly. If possible use small ice chips to keep the swelling down.

Food and Beverages to Avoid

Only cleaning and having ice chips inside your mouth will not help. You have to restrain yourself from having certain types of beverages and food. You have to avoid alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, chewing gum and also any kind of oral sexual contact to heal the area. Also remember to abstain from having salty, acidic, spicy or too hot food. You might notice white fluid coming out of the area but do not be afraid, it is normal.

So, as long as you follow these guidelines you can have your tongue pierced with the hottest tongue barbells in town. provides wide selection of sleek and chic tongue barbells made from medically safe sterling silver.

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