Captive Bead Rings- Unleash Your Sexy Self

Captive bead rings or CBR are ball closure rings or captive rings. The captive bead rings is mostly circular in shape, but at times it can be square or triangle as well. A bead like a ball is placed into the wire and is fitted in a way in which it doesn’t fall off while holding the circle in a proper place. The bead is immovable and the ring of course can be opened. Sometimes, the bead is placed in a way which gives the impression of being clamped. However, the captive bead accessories brought to you by is distinct in terms of the bead which is movable. You can remove the bead and place it other accessories to experiment.

Why is Captive Bead Rings Popular?
Captive bead rings are very beautiful and quite popular. Women love to wear them because they add spunk to their personality. Moreover, the process of wearing and then opening it is quite simple. You can also remove the bead and use it with other jewelry items. Another reason for its popularity is that it does not cling on to clothes, hair and furniture. Nobody gets hurt while wearing them or you don’t hurt others because these have rounded edges. Another reason is its flexibility in use. The captive bead rings or closure rings can be worn anywhere, with any attire and also placed anywhere on the body including ears, nose, navel, nipple and so on. People also opt for sexual organ piercings with a captive bead ring.

The Science behind Captive Bead Rings
The bead is generally made of ceramic, glass or precious and semi-precious gemstones. The wire is usually made of 316L surgical steel, anodized titanium or niobium whose tensile strength holds the bead in place. Therefore, it is quite safe to use.
CBR looks really awesome on a navel and women who have fantastic midriffs can opt for CBR piercing on the navel. Sometimes the navel piercing is designed to become a CBR and one of the biggest advantages is the time it takes to heal. It heals faster than others. CBR titanium piercing is often avoided on tongue. The gauge size of the bead ring depends on a particular design and the piercing type. Earlier pliers were required to close and remove the rings, but now they can be done with hands only.
So, unleash your sexy self by having a CBR piercing.

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