Captive Bead Ring Types and Designs

Captive bead rings are highly popular in modern days. These rings use as a symbol to denote a love relationship. These captive rings come with a segment that can be detachable.

The trend of piercing is in peak today. People pierce the different parts of the body and highlight them by using different jewels. The quality and design of these jewels reflect the personality. It can also highlight the fashion statement and style of an individual.

Captive bead rings are commonly popular for different piercings. They use for navel, lips, ear piercing. They also might use for other piercings also. The specialty of these captive bead ring jewelry piercing is they come with a removable ball, which is adjustable or changeable, according to the requirement or convenience. They are available in different colors, gauges, and sizes.

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What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Captive Bead Ring

When choosing these rings make sure you check your skin type to avoid skin illness. They are available in every metal, which makes selection easy. They are easily available for all. These are quite affordable and one can easily get access to these rings. It is also favorable to use as present them to someone.

Body piercing has been simple and elegant with this new assorted set of captive bead ring jewelry. These are in the shape of circular or square rings and they have a detachable ball to form closure rings. It also replaces a jeweled ball with crystals and stones and even dangles can be attached.

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Safe Metal Used in Captive Bead Ring 

Captive rings are known as the symbol of love and bonding. Amongst the men’s the only accessory worn besides watches are the rings. They are available in various metals. An even sensitive human can use this ring, as it is anti-allergic and anti-sensitive. These rings are easily available in the market in all sizes and color, thus expanding its variety.

The different captive bead rings accessories are made of different materials. It includes surgical steel, gold coated, titanium made and also with UV materials. They are all visually stunning and have a huge demand among men and women. It has the huge demand and economical prices and they are used for almost all body piercings.


Surgical Steel Captive Bead Ring

The surgical steel captive bead rings are highly popular these days. It denotes a sign of love or a love relationship. Not all steel type is safe for human skin. Captive bead ring in surgical steel is from 316 surgical steel, which is completely safe for use. An individual who wears these rings gives him or her elegant look. They can be worn on casual, semi casual or formals and avoid skin irritation. It even avoids skin infections and one can wear them on a day-to-day basis. They look very attractive and make you look stunning. One can even present them to their loved ones.

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Titanium Captive Bead Ring

The strikingly gorgeous titanium captive bead jewelry rings and ball closure rings come in exciting colors and designs. Some of them are studded with jewels while others are non-jeweled excelling in their own color. The rings are hand polished which provides them a rare luster which is long lasting. Anodized titanium captive rings are light in weight, durable and smooth. It is a great metal for crafting nice items of body jewelry. Made from the highest quality of titanium, the items are great for regular wears. Use it anywhere from your ear to navel and it simply rocks. It is one of the most beautiful metal to use because of glossy and elegant look, which makes it one of the best


Anodized Captive Bead Ring

Anodized captive bead rings have low price and thus make it accessible to human beings. They utilize for daily wear and are quite comfortable to wear and are also available in a variety of designs that increase the availability which you can choose according to your likes and desire. They are safe for your skin and prevent your skin from acquiring infections. You will amaze while noticing the amazing designs and patterns that are available for all.


Septum Rings

Body piercing art has been a global fashion because of its unique style. Piercing the septum has now become a trend in a fashion which was once a tradition in many cultures across the Asian countries. Septum rings are body piercing jewelry made of surgical steel which ensures body hygiene and is highly durable to stand everyday wear and tear. Septum rings are used to pierce the center of the nostril which separates the airways and hence it is smooth and user-friendly. It comes in a circular size with a bead which completes the circle.  They have a great design and they come in various sizes and diameters and used for lip, ear and even genitals.

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