Canadian Flag Wood Ear Plug

Canadian Flag Wood Ear PlugIt is time to wear your patriotism on your sleeve, oops ears! Yes, the aesthetic ear plugs etched with a cool design of the Canadian Body Jewelry Flag is here. The only thing you need is to log in to and check out the unique pattern. Surely, this is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you? So go ahead and declare your love for the country of Canada by adorning your ears with this painting of the flag on wooden ear plugs. The plastic lamination is definitely going to appeal to you as the glow and perfect finish of the laminated jewelry is going to be long lasting despite its wooden base.

You actually are getting the best of both worlds by opting for this classy looking ear plugs. Not only is it light weight and colorful but your ear plugs also happen to be organic and totally biodegradable. What a wonderful idea of doing your bit for the environment in the name of your country? It will certainly not do to by pass this chance. Who knows when you might come across such a piece of jewelry once again?

The wood may look fragile but that is actually sturdy allowing its surface to be painted and laminated at will without showing any kind of strain or cracks during the processing. Just look at the end product and revel in the look that can make you an ideal cheerleader for your country as your fellow countrymen go representing this great nation in sports.

While the somewhat dull surface of wood may not appeal to your aesthetics overmuch, you just cannot ignore the painted ear plug with its plastic laminated finish. It combines brightness and the natural sheen of wood leading to an elegance that has no equal especially at an insanely affordable price of $2.79. Wait! There’s more to come! Choose from the vast array of sizes at and settle on the one that looks the best on your petite ears. True you may have to pay a dollar extra for sizes for 10mm to 16mm and two more for 18-22mm but consider it as money well spent because you are guaranteed full satisfaction.

The whole sale price is too good to be true and you will do well to pick up more than 2 pairs in every size once you find yourself on the webpage.

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