Buy rubber “O” rings at amazing prices

Rubber “O” rings
Want to create some out-of-the-box patterns for your fashion jewelry? We have a great collection of classic rubber “O” rings that lets you make your customized jewelry, something you can’t pull off with mainstream metal accessories. Make your piercing collection stand out from the rest with these unique rubber “O” rings.

How to use them?
The ways of using rubber “O” rings for making several stunning pieces of jewelry can be so many. You can weave the “O” rings into units and then pass a captive bead ring or a similar metal anchor through them and have your very own modified look. The “O” rings are generally used to create stretchable and flexible accessories because the material is rubber. The smaller the “O” rings, the smaller the plug which goes through them should be. In fact, it is perhaps better to choose smaller sized rings because that way the weight is reduced. You can have lively “O” rings dangling from a wire, something you can use as earring. You can even join them with a focus bead to create a stylish bracelet or a bright cuff to wear on the wrist. The possibilities are endless.

Features of rubber “O” rings:

  • As mentioned above, the rubber “O” rings can be used to create diverse jewelry.
  • The black color of the rings is perfect for the classy look. Imagine how amazing a bracelet made of black “O” rings with a silver chain holding the rings together would look.
  • The rings are very soft and gentle on skin and very flexible too.
  • Available in sizes of 1.2 mm to 22mm.
  • Low maintenance hazard because they can be cleaned any time without much ado.
  • The light weight of these rings adds to the comfort.
  • The wearing surface is securely saddled. Hence they make for a safe use.
  • The bio-degradable nature of the rings makes them last way longer than normal jewelry.
  • The rings come at the amazingly low price of $0.69 per piece.
  • You get to create your signature style with special rings that perfectly fit your need for a comfortable daily wear and also a special wear for significant occasions.

Rubber “O” rings bring forth a flamboyant and urban vive in your look. If you want to shop products like this, please visit

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