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Plugs, expanders, tapers are the latest additions to a wide range of assorted accessories in the world of body jewelry. Conventional ear piercing body jewelry is considered passe and new trends are inclined towards cartilage piercing. With, the ideal destination to buy ear gauges online, one does not have to wander aimlessly.Industrial earrings

         Black UV Internal Mummy Skull Logo With Screw Fit Ear Tunnel        Black UV Internal red Star Logo With Screw Fit Ear Tunnel

Single or double flared plugs, tapers and gauges jewelry is creating tizzy sensation among youths and fashion freaks who are hounding the body jewelry store everyday. Be it anodized green plugs or zero gauge plugs, one can find a whole lot of amazing
designs in the online store at amazing wholesale factory prices.18 gauge cartilage

The anodized plugs CLIP ON, tapers and tunnels look funky in vibrant shades of stainless steel to provide comfort.

Flower Laser Cut Fake Ear Plug       Blackline Micro Setting Jeweled Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel       UV Ear Tunnel with Embossed Logo

The jeweled ear piercing plugs, tunnel ear plug can be chosen according to stretched gauge size of ear. The printed designs, logo and cute shapes will take the breath away and one will amass as much as one can at affordable prices. is the final destination for buying ear plugs, expanders and all kinds of body jewelry, which are shipped to international destinations with swift delivery options.

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