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Bottom belly button rings or reverse belly button rings are gaining in popularity these days Spiral belly button on various counts: spiral jeweled silver belly ring

  • They are more comfortable for the wearer because they hang closer to the piercing, lessening the pressure on the navel piercing.
  • In terms of style, they are unique since they connect the top and the bottom of the navel with a single design.
  • In this design the ring stays put in place, sitting on the navel, rather than dangling from it.
  • This also lessens the chances of the ring getting caught on to clothes.
  • What makes it popular is also the variety available: the designs are heavier, more elaborate and intricate.
  • They are sure to catch one’s fancy!
    Jeweled Heart Dream Catcher Belly Ring         Jeweled Belly Ring

Another extremely sophisticated design is the peace sign belly button ring. This is not seen as a simple design since it carries a message of world peace and harmony, much needed in our present world.peace navel

This makes it extraordinary and thus eye catchy!  Because of its shape, the peace sign belly button ring sits easy on the navel. So it becomes a wonderful combination of style, comfort and social awareness!


Belly Bar with Multi Glitter Star UV balls       Heart Shape Dangling Jeweled 14K Gold Belly Ring       Belly Banana with multi Round UV balls

Twisted Navel Rings or spiral belly buttons are the latest trend in the market. These come in various gauge sizes and designs. The twisted design makes it look extremely elegant and adds a glint to the ring.

These look best in metals and shiny stones and crystals, since they shine amply due to the spiral design.

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