Bulk belly button rings

At our store, you can now find reasonable belly button rings that can add a zing to your style.
They come in various shapes, sizes, designs, materials and styles double jeweled. A clever shopper understands that buying several bulk belly buttons to adorn her different moods Jeweled silver ball belly rings, is always better than buying one costly piece and wearing it all the time. “Variety is the spice of life” is a time tested fashion mantra! So make the most of the benefits of
online shopping with us, where you can get your belly button rings at a great discount. dangling nipple rings

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 The two classic colors when it comes to body accessories are red and green! A red cherry belly button ring is the ultimate mix of sensuality and cuteness!
It adds a fruity playfulness to your personality as befits a young and casual fashion enthusiast. Similarly emerald green has always been a favorite stone color on account of its brightness and sparkle.

316L Belly Rings with Mix Fancy UV Balls in a Wave display       Mix Anodized Single and Double Jeweled Belly Rings in a Display   SS Single and Double Jeweled Blley Rings in a Display

A popular style which is catching the fancy of the fashion lovers are Reverse belly button rings or Bottom belly button rings. They are more comfortable for the wearer because they hang closer to the piercing, lessening the pressure on the navel piercing. In terms of style, they are unique since they connect the top and the bottom of the navel with a single design. In this design the ring stays put in place, sitting on the navel, rather than dangling from it. This also lessens the chances of the ring getting caught on to clothes. What makes it popular is also the variety available: the designs are heavier, more elaborate and intricate. They are sure to catch one’s fancy!

Browse the infinite variety in this range and satisfy your fetish! You can now buy in bulk belly button rings with the same amount without compromising on quality and impact!

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