Does Body Piercing Hurt?

Many people have an inclination towards body piercing but most of them step back with the thought of getting hurt in the process. Nowadays, body piercing has become more of a trend – you can see a lot of people, both men and women getting their body parts pierced, be it ear, eyebrows, lips, tongue or belly! tragus jewellery

People get their body parts pierced for various reasons – some do it for fashion or aesthetic purposes while others do it to invigorate physical sensation. There are some people who even enjoy the intensity of the moment.

No matter what the reason is, once you decide to go for piercing, you are ready to take a step ahead and go to the piercing shop which suits your needs. But the ultimate question still remains – “Does body piercing hurt?” Well, of course it hurts. But the intensity of the pain that you will feel will vary from person to person – some might find piercing to be less painful while others might find it to be very painful. It basically depends on the following factors:

  • The part of your body that you want to get pierced
  • Your mood and state of mind at the time of piercing
  • Your level of piercing comfort and level of tolerance
  • Type and size of the jewellery that you will be wearing
  •  How much skillful your piercer is and his experience in this profession
  • The setting of the piercing booth which includes the level of cleanliness of the shop, sterilization of the piercing tools etc.

The intensity of the pain felt during piercing has been organized in the order of most painful to least painful on the basis of body part that is being pierced:

  1. Genitals
  2. Male Nipple
  3. Cartilage Piercing
  4. Female Nipple
  5. Lip
  6. Nostril
  7. Navel
  8. Tongue
  9. Earlobe
  10.  Eyebrow

Use of wrong jewellery can cause unnecessary pain. Plated jewellery items like rings, nose studs are often composed of nickel that can trigger allergic reactions on piercing wound. Hence, one should always choose the jewellery to be worn, carefully. The best options are niobium, stainless steel, titanium, 14 or 18 or 24 karat gold that do not cause any infection in the skin owing to their inertness.

If you wish for a cartilage piercing, make sure that your piercer does it with a needle and not a piercing gun as needle is more hygienic. The reason is that you can properly sterilize the needle but not the gun. Besides, using piercing gun for the required purpose can cause your cartilage to shatter and also lead to a lump on the back of your ear. This becomes pretty painful then. The belly button isn’t much painful, provided the piercer numbs the naval area using a special spray. The tragus piercing doesn’t hurt as much as a regular piercing – the pain is bearable and it’s over in few seconds.

Pain caused during piercing is just a matter of seconds! So, whatever piercing you wish to have, just go for it and you will simply love yourself after getting it done.

Author: Aaron Benson

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