Body Jewelry 2012

SS CZ Bezel Set Screw Flesh Tunnels

The 2012 has been a great year for the body jewelry design, and we are proud to present you the most stylish pieces of body jewelry in our gallery as well as catalog. The organic ear plug with logo is one of those body jewelry pieces, which will help you modify your piercing style.Peace logo
They vary in sizes! Perhaps, they can be purchased in a higher discount if ordered in bulk.

The plugs also have various designs, such as star logo also featuring the organic earplug with card logo. jewelry holder

925 Silver Dolphin Nose Screw

Lip piercing is a wonderful charm which glorifies and magnifies the facial piercing! Our body jewelry store offers the latest range of body jewelry you can aim for it.

Grade 23 Solid Jeweled Titanium Dermal Tops 

However, if you want an absolutely stunning piece of body jewelry then look no further than the Dermal anchors. Check out the Dermal Anchor Jewelry 2012, which is designed for those who want to stand out in the crowd. The crystal stone dermal anchor top is gorgeous pieces of body jewelry bulk wholesale; they come with an epoxy cover to ensure the crystal stone doesn’t fall off.

Check out the logo dermal anchor tops as well as the steel black ball dermal anchor tops to achieve a unique look. The sub
dermal piercing hip rings
with a titanium base and SS top that are available in the different sizes as well as the different discounts depending on your order size.

Peace Sign Navel belly banana

These are the top standing body jewelry for this year. It isn’t a necessary that fashion is followed. Everyone can create and be the fashion and make the fashion trend follow. Being the fashion trend opener in a body piercing field is a bold step. Therefore, be the one! Look magnificent with the ecstatic belly body piercing jewelry.

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