Blue UV Segment Rings

Segment rings can be used for various types of piercings. This blue segment ring is quite a show stopper and will go well with orbital or orbit piercing which is a relatively new piercing and looks great all the time. Orbit piercing looks quite interesting because of the way it is done on the conch section with perforations connected with a single ring providing the image of an orbit. It is one of the trendiest piercings which is usually done on the cartilaginous area of ears but you can also get it done on earlobes. You can either do it on single ear or both ears.

The best jewelry for orbital piercing is the segment ring though captive bead ring or circular barbells can also be used. Some people also use horseshoe rings. This particular ring is a UV segment ring which is blue in color and looks cool. A segment ring is easiest to wear and easy to remove as well. Since it is a UV ring, it will glow under sunlight or other LED lights. You can become like that cool girl you spotted last night in a disco by putting this on. Having an orbital piercing is easy and difficult at the same time. If you already have a piercing you can add another one and transform it into orbital piercing. Otherwise you can have two new perforations.

At the studio, the piercer will use a sterilized needle to perform the piercings. It might hurt a little if you are having it done on helix or conch as compared to no hurt in case of earlobe piercing. Orbital piercing generally costs between $30 and $40 but sometimes the piercer may charge $60-$80 if the chosen area is helix o snug or tragus. The orbital piercing takes 3-4 months to heal usually. However, the cartilage piercings may take a little longer to heal.

Speedy healing also depends on how much care you take of the piercing. Maintaining a strict aftercare routine goes a long way in speedy healing. Soak a cotton swab in sea salt solution and apply on the piercing to disinfect it and also to remove the crusts which accumulate around the piercing and also on the ring. Always keep the place dry by patting it with a soft towel. Do not put pressure on the piercing while you sleep and also avoid touching or rotating the ring with dirty hands.

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