Black PVD Plated Dangling Castings Ear Flesh Tunnel

Ear flesh tunnel is an interesting jewelry to have. It is a unique item which actually stretches the ear lobes for people who love to have a bold style statement. The ear flesh tunnel quite literally creates a tunnel in the skin for other jewelry items. You can also sport them singularly exposing the middle of the ring. This particular black PVD plated dangling castings ear flesh tunnel looks cool with an anchor dangling from the ring. It has a polished surface and a perfect finish cast from surgical steel which is absolutely safe for your body. It is available in a size from 6mm to 16mm making it accessible to a large age group of people.
Wearing ear flesh tunnel as an earlobe expander originally appeared as a custom in various tribes. Different native groups in Africa and Myanmar have worn ear flesh tunnels as part of their customs since ages. Now the tunnels have come out of that confinement and have caught the fancy of fashionista around the world. They are experimenting with their looks and hence ear flesh tunnels have become a widely accepted part of bold fashion. This piercing is not easy but people who find pleasure in pain love it completely. It has now become an integral part of urban style. Also the fact that piercings have become more safe and technically advanced today that people are getting more and more interested to experiment with various types of body piercings.
The best and most interesting part of sporting a flesh tunnel in the earlobes is that it leaves space in the middle to wear some other ear accessory as well. You can pair it up with another ear ring, hoop or another dangler for added effect. An ear plug or a ring will not provide this advantage. You do not even have to worry about those accessories not fitting properly or falling down or slipping from your earlobe because there is ample space and also support from the flesh tunnel. Another reason for the popularity of stretched earlobes is that people can get it done in various degrees. So it is not the same fashion for everybody. It offers variety and provides uniqueness to the people getting their ears stretched.
Ear flesh tunnels have really taken fashion piercing to new standards and heights and this trend is here to stay because it breaks the conventional moulds of fashion.

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