Black ALIEN Logo Tongue Ring

Black ALIEN Logo Tongue RingAlways loved the way aliens looked? Do their facial structures spook you or excite you? Well, then you can be the owner of a personal alien through bring a wide range of piercing jewelry items among which a true highlight is the black alien logo tongue ring. This alien logo tongue ring looks striking with alien face on the balls of the barbell on a white background which will excite and freak you out at the same time.This unique item is made from 316l surgical steel and the size is perfect for beginners and experienced piercing holders.

We understand that you want to change into this alien tongue ring from the old one that you have on your tongue. But, you must know that a new piercing cannot be changed or replaced. Only when it has healed completely can it be changed. The old one should stay for at least 12 weeks or 3 months before you can change into your favorite alien barbell. This applies to a normally healed piercing. If your piercing has gone through lot of trouble, then it is safe to retain it for at least 6 months before thinking of changing it.

A tongue web piercing is little bit more sensitive than a normal tongue piercing. Hence, you must be even more careful not to be too adventurous during the healing period. It is not a good idea to pluck out your piercing jewelry item when the wound is young and healing. Moreover, if you are a beginner you must visit a piercer who is an experienced professional to do it for you for the first time. This will prevent any untoward damage to your mouth. You can always do it later by yourself.

When you have decided to do it on your own, the best way is to push the old one out with the new one. Since, the alien item is made from surgical steel; it will be quite safe because this is the most skin friendly metal according to doctors and piercers. You can also use a piercing taper to remove the old piercing which could be a ring or a bent barbell. Make one thing sure that the size of the gauge remains same otherwise the jewelry may not fit the pierced hole. Also do not leave the hole without jewelry because it closes down too soon.

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