Bizarre Piercing Jewelry


Body jewelry does come up with some bizarre design as well as unique products to help you stand out and highlight your individuality. We, at, take care of these needs and bring out the designer colorful pieces of bizarre body jewelry.Titanium nipple


Do check the nipple piercing nipple body jewelry and rings that come with a highly graded surgical steel 316L grade. They also come with .925 sterling silver jewelry fitted with various kinds of colorful jewels gold nipple jewelry. These body jewelry pieces are a wonderful way to feel great about yourself and one of the best techniques to be unique. You can check out the various designs like jeweled flower silver nipple bar Nipple ring or the highly fashionable surgical steel nipple rounder with studded gems. piercing grade


Another of the bizarre jewelry pieces is the vibrator tongue ring. It is available in two sizes and come with a set of battery. They’re surely a unique piece of body jewelry which feels great on your tongue. They’re made of the skin friendly surgical steel. Besides, you can also check out the stretched ear jewelry, it comes in various designs, colors as well as the materials. However, their look is unmatched; they give you a stylish appearance that will make you the star of every occasion.steel nipple rounder ring


9K Gold Internal Lip Labret with Square Jeweled Top   

Dermal anchors are another bizarre kind of body jewelry. They’re implanted under your dermal tissue with one part hidden under the skin and other is visible outside the skin.  The best part about them is that they come with a low rejection rate and they look amazing. Made of surgical steel and G23 titanium, you don’t have to worry about the skin irritation. They are available with studded jewels, plus also in the plain surgical steel ball design. nipple piercing


You can go through our catalogue to check out other amazing designs and order the ones that suit your requirement perfectly.

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