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When it comes to fashion, why not try something new?  Make a style statement and showcase a body piercing. It’s creative, trendy and at the same time innovative too. Adding that extra piece of jewelry is always bliss. Nowadays, a lot of people are adding that extra piercing to make them look unique and stylish at the same time. That is why they include the BioFlex piercing jewelry.

Bioflex material is soft and additionally, it also looks good at the beginning of the piercing hiding the mark. Body jewelry is part of your identity it describes you the best. There is much body jewelry for you with unbeatable rates and good quality. From awesome plugs to dangling earrings, it all makes you look stylish all the way.

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Is Bioflex Piercing Jewelry Safe?

With BioFlex piercing, one can now add an oomph factor to their piercing and make them go trendy. These BioFlex jewelry are available in attractive colors and sizes and are highly popular for naval and nose. Since it’s biocompatible in nature, it is safe, avoids discomforts and skin irritation.

One can easily find a large variety of jaw dropping jewelry type piercing. They are very beautiful and are available at affordable rates. You can find these Bio-Flex jewelry piercing type available in various designs, patterns, colors and much more. They are present in rings, barbells, studs, top anchors and much more. The material used to make BioFlex jewelry type piercing is of very good quality and it is even free from infections. The products are too easy to use therefore you can wear and remove whenever you want it. BioFlex piercing is really trending a lot and you can find the number of people going for it.

 BioFlex piercing jewelry

Latest and Trendy BioFlex Piercing Jewelry Designs


Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Tongue piercing ring jewelry comes in a wide range of patterns, size, and colors both for male as well as female. It doesn’t matter what sort of fashion that you want to make, there is the style for everything. You can get tongue barbells in a number of different types of materials like surgical steel, versatile plastic, stainless steels, BioFlex and more.

Piercing your tongue is a bold step, which you can take. Being the internal part of your body, it is crucial that you use a piercing that does not cause irritation and sensitivity. This is the reason why you should use the Tongue bio flex piercing. One can easily find a whole variety of Tongue BioFlex piercing, which may include Labrets, rings, and barbells. BioFlex tongue is in trend nowadays. Many people do these to look bold it is because it looks fashionable all the time. Tongue bio flex is very easy to wear and remove as per your convenience. 


  • Straight Bio Flex barbells

For skin compatibility, straight barbells are used for piercing. It is available in many shapes, sizes, designs and gem-studded straight barbells. It’s considered best for all body piercing. It provides ease and comfort, both for the piercer as well as the customer. Straight Bio Flex barbells in different measures are considered best over steel and other materials. With the trend of barbells going upbeat, these straight barbells can prove really attractive and comfortable for the young boys and girls.

Bio-flex straight barbells help in avoiding your tongue getting damaged. You can make use of this body piercing jewelry for utmost safety. These bio-flex straight barbells come in a wide range of colors and charming stones studded on them. Enhance your look with bio-flex barbells.

 BioFlex Tongue

Nose BioFlex Piercing

If you desire to have a secure and flexible nose piercing then BioFlex nose pins are the perfect for you. These are available as the stud or screw shape with or without setting jewels. Most of these are also coated with a UV acrylic material which imparts glowing effect in the dark.

  • BioFlex Nose Pins

Bio flex nose pins are a special type of nose jewelry made from the medical grade plastic material called BioFlex. These are intended for prolonged safe use for skin. These nose pins are highly safe to use and are idyllic to buy. Though it does not offer the appearance of exquisite metals, when adorned with studded stones it looks attractive.

  • Nose Screw

Nose screws are one of the most ancient forms of body piercing jewelry. These have been known since time immemorial when some tribes used to wear them as tradition or custom. Now, of course, it has come to be associated more with fashion. Either women or men have found the nose screws to be quite enchanting. Jewelry manufacturers have taken it more forward by offering a BioFlex variety of nose screws which are completely new to set in making trends. Striking colors, comfortable, flexible and experimental, these BioFlex nose screws are all in one. They make you look sexy and also subtle.

Bio Nose Screw

BioFlex Lip Piercing

  • Bioflex Labret 

Bio flex Labrets are body accessories designed according to the customer’s requirement, including highly polished crystals. BioFlex has a thick material that is popular for its long lasting nature. The prices of jewelry based on Bio Flex labrets are comparatively cheap without any difference in appearance. The material is highly attractive and widely available. The risk of duplication or fake material is eradicated because of the cheap nature of the material. It is an easily available material and can be used as per customer needs. This material non-reactive in nature so can easily be put-on body-piercing. This design is easily changeable so if a jewelry wears-out, anyone can remove the old one and insert a new one on the same body-piercing.

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Where to Find an Affordable BioFlex Jewelry

Piercebody.com brings you the latest collections and pieces of widely appreciated BioFlex piercing jewelry! Our body jewelry store has variable styles and designs of piercing jewelry which wore according to the style as well as according to the culture. This company is the leading manufacturer of body jewelry. They also offer a new collection in retail as well as for wholesale.

Promising to provide hot deals, Piercebody jewelry center offers unique jewelry to make your friends jealous of your cool looks and attitude. You can choose from the wide variety of colorful and unique jewelry on very affordable prices. So come and grab your stuff with us now!

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