BioFlex Madonna Chin Labret with Flower Jeweled Top

Madonna piercing; the name sounds so exciting and the image associated with it is quite sexy too. Well, as you can guess, the piercing is named after the famous pop diva Madonna who has a lovely beauty spot above her upper lip on the right side. Madonna is a style icon and every woman would love to have a piece of her. Hence, the introduction of Madonna piercing which enhanced the sexiness of a woman many times. Madonna piercing was introduced during the 90s and since then it has ruled the heart of girls and women.

Madonna labret studs are available in the market for this type of piercing. Although any kind of lip/labret stud can be used, specific Madonna studs are best for the purpose. In fact, Piercebody brings to you a wide variety of Madonna labret studs with and without jeweled tops to make you look stunning and attractive. This particular Madonna chin labret with flower jeweled top is made from bioflex material which is quite flexible and hence is easy to keep wearing. The top is of silver and has a gemstone in the shape of a flower making it even more attractive.

Madonna piercing is done in various studios therefore you must find out the best among them. Get it done by an experienced professional piercer even if he/she is expensive to prevent any kind of infection. Do find out about the instruments they use and the reputation of the studio before visiting the place. Once you have decided the piercing studio, you have to visit the place to get the piercing done. There the piercer will mark the spots and use a sterilized needle to make the perforation on the upper lip. Usually, a 14-18 gauge needle and piercing jewelry is used to leave space for swelling.

A Madonna piercing takes 6-8 weeks to heal and during this time, one must follow a proper aftercare routine. Brush carefully and always rinse your mouth after every meal. Saline soak with a cotton ball is mandatory and use an antibacterial soap also to wash the area and keep it clean. Tobacco consumption must be eliminated and chewing gums must be given up during this period. Do not touch the pierced area often with dirty hands.

So, flaunt your fashion with the Madonna labret and become the talk of the town.

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