BioFlex Jeweled Straight Barbell

If you want to have a trendy body piercing this season, go for hip piercing which is done on the sides of the pelvic region next to the hip bone. A bold form of body modification, the hip piercing is already catching up fast among girls who wish to have a unique style. Hip piercings are generally done by surgical steel or titanium straight barbells during the initial piercing. You can replace it with bioflex which is a flexible and safe material after the piercing has healed. Since this is a type of surface piercing the straight barbells release the pressure on the pierced hips more than any other jewelry.
Piercebody has brought a bioflex jeweled straight barbell with a large stone on top. This type of body piercing looks great when you wear low waist dresses. You will look like the ultimate sexy diva of your town if you can place the bioflex straight barbells on your hip bones. Use the gemstones according to color combinations or wear same colors on both sides; you will still look amazing with it. Since, bioflex is quite a flexible material and is also eco-friendly; you will have gained a lot from it.
Since, the hip piercing is still a relatively new kind of piercing you will have to find a hygienic and sophisticated salon using proper sterilized tools. The piercer will start by cleaning the pelvic region and marking the entry and exit holes with a surgical marker. The skill will be pinched to make a hole on the surface by using a sterilized hollow needle before inserting the jewelry item. Since, it is a surface piercing; it will be less painful than deep piercings. The aftercare regimen will consist of cleaning the region with saline soaked cotton ball and antibacterial soap during bath.
Always remember to pat the region dry and never apply any kind of lotions, moisturizers or body sprays in that area. Wear loose fitting clothes preferably low waist ones to avoid contact with the body piercing jewelry surgical steel piece. This piercing takes around a year to heal completely. The cost of hip piercing varies between $40 and $100 and it looks more appealing with a tattoo paired with the piercing. Some other varieties in hip piercing are microdermal hip piercing, dermal hip piercing and hip piercing with tattoo. This is an extraordinary piercing which makes you look like a fashion goddess.

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