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Bio-Plast Nose Screw with 14K Gold Head with CZ StoneNose jewelry comes in so many diverse designs, materials and sizes that it almost leaves you confused about what would look best on you. Each and every design and size is popular but of course it is the personal preference that matters at the end of the day. Some might believe that the nose rings or hoops look perfect on them while others might opt for the subtler nose screws. Needless to say, nose screws are very comfortable to put through the piercing and equally comfortable to remove. And this comfort is what should be your primary concern while settling for nose jewelry. Nose screws and nose bones stay securely in the position and protect the sensitive tissue inside your nose. So, if you want to go for something classic and safe nose screws can be great option.

The nose screws can be worn on both right and left nostril. One end is a gem or a design of sorts and the other end curves into a C shape. Think twice before putting a nose screw on a fresh piercing because it can be painful as a lot of the jewelry stays inside your nose. Also, the putting on the nose screw can be quite a task for the first timer. However they look very stylish and are perfect for regular wear in work environment because they do not draw too much attention!

At, we bring you an extensive collection of amazing nose screws. This Bio Plast Nose screw fashioned out of 14k gold head including a z-stone is one of the items that will give you the perfect blend of elegance and style. Bio-plast is a unique material which is biocompatible and very flexible. They are very safe for piercing accessories and can even be sterilized. Many clinics will recommend bio plast as the material to go for while pitting on your piercing accessory for the first time because the healing process takes very less time. This item has the C curve in bio plast material and the visible part has a 14K Gold head attached. This screw portion can be cut into suitable sizes according to the wearer’s choice. The stone is a high quality CZ stone and the size is 2mm.

These items are priced at the moderate $3.36 each. The minimum order quantity is 3. They are very much in stock.

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