Bio-Plast Lip Labret with Star 14K Gold Top

Bio-Plast Lip Labret with Star 14K Gold TopIf you truly wish to have a unique and rare lip piercing, then canine bites are the one for you. The canine bites are basically a combination of angle bites on the upper lip and snakes bites on the lower lip. However, it is easier said than found. Canine bites might be easy to hear but very few people actually get this done because of the combination. It means four perforations and it also means that you have to keep your face free from other piercings otherwise it might look cluttered. Some people who already have it consider it to be epic if you one can pull it off.
If you are still struggling to find out how it looks exactly, then the description is for you. In canine bites piercing you will have 4 perforations above your lips; two on either side of the upper lips and two on either side of the lower lips. Symmetry is maintained between the lower and upper piercings to provide a whole. The canine piecing creates an illusion of full lips stud if you have very thin lips. Hence, it is a good idea if you are looking to enhance the beauty of your lips.
In terms of jewelry, labret studs and rings can be combined or only studs can also become your choice. Take a look through the collection of jewelry items on Piercebody. You will find piercing jewelry of every design, style and material. The particular jewelry referred to here is a bio-plast lip labret with star 14k gold top. A bio-plast lip rings labret is flexible and also eco-friendly while 14k gold lip stud top increases the appeal of the labret stud. The star top glitters and sparkles with elan while you will enjoy the golden glow on your skin and bask in the glory. Moreover, the bio-plast labret can be cut to any size you prefer while inserting the jewelry.
Canine bites will take more time to heal than many other facial piercings. It costs around $30 to have canine bites piercings. You have to take care of your piercings because you will have 4 piercings. Talking, chewing, eating, drinking everything might be affected by the piercing and hence be careful. Saline soak is a must and avoid eating hot and spicy food for the initial healing phase. After it has healed you can change the jewelry combinations to make it look brand new.

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