Bio Plast Lip Labret with Foot Shaped 14k Gold Head

Welcome to the world of exotic jewelry! You have come to the right place by login in to You are likely to find gorgeous items for all your body piercings regardless of how rare it is. The sheer variety that this body jewlery online store offers is mind boggling too. So is the price of course! Now, that gives you a double reason to celebrate your beautiful body piercing. Remember that not every store proves to be reliable when it comes to an offbeat piercing as the lower lip. You are hoping to show it off via a luscious labret but just picking up the first one available will not give you much cause to celebrate.
You have to consider a lot of factors carefully before settling on the one that is high on aesthetics as well as skin safety. Combining both is not an easy matter though but you will not stand to lose when you come across this amazing lip labret at that includes a foot shaped head fashioned out of 14K gold. Sure, a piece of gold jewelry goes exceedingly well with your attire. Never mind whether it is casual or formal. Just insert it through your lip piercing and watch the crowd around you emit ecstatic oohs and aahs.
True, you cannot afford to wear pure gold regularly, not the least because you do not have the means to do it at present. The security is an added concern when it is pure gold jewelry you are talking about. Yet you need not fear the obvious by settling for a 14K gold head on your lip labret. It will put no dent in your wallet for this labret is truly cost effective. Where else can you hope to buy one for $3.87. The only condition that you have to meet is to buy 3 together and that is not going to be too much trouble either. The very friends who had turned envious on seeing you flaunt your lip labret can buy them off from you or you may give them away as gifts on special occasions, pleasing them immensely by your magnanimous gesture.
It is time to inspect the base material that you are going to insert through your lips though. No worries! It happens to be made of bio-plast that is not only going to be compatible with your skin but it happens to be flexible as well.

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