Bio-Plast Lip Labret with Dolphin Shaped 14K Gold Head

Snake bite piercings are catching up of late with the college crowd and also with the young working professionals. As you may have already guessed that the pattern followed while placing the items on piercing resembles a snake bite. The snake bite piercing is generally found on lips; to be more precise on the lower lips and also on the labrets. This absolutely unique piercing style will be made even more unique and personalized when you will try it out with the bio-plast lip labret with dolphin shaped 14k gold head. This item is made from bio-plast which is a flexible material and has the dolphin head made from 14k gold.

The item is as unique as the piercing itself and it will increase your X factor tremendously. If you had wanted to change your style and looking for something really outstanding then a snake bite gold lip/labret piercing with bio-plast push in jewelry piece with 14k gold dolphin head is ideal for you. Getting a snake bite piercing is not complicated. You must however visit a professionally experienced piercer for the task. Since, you will have to create parallel dots on the sides of your lower lip or below it or around it, you must point out the spots to the piercer. Remember, this look requires symmetry and hence the dots should be placed at equal distance from the middle of the lip.

After the spots have been marked, the piercer will use a sterilized needle to pierce holes on both sides of your lower lip to insert the jewelry. The pain for this piecing may be a little more because you will get two piercings done simultaneously but it will not be intolerable. A little bit of bleeding and soreness is expected. So, do not panic. Labret studs generally look fabulous on snake bite piercing although some people also use rings and hoops to flaunt. Sometimes double snake bite piercing is preferred by the clients who can handle the pain and also the look. Some people also get tongue snake bite piercing which is even more unique.

However, as with each type of piercing, the aftercare routine must be followed properly. Saline soak with cotton swab done thrice daily is mandatory. Always remember to pat the gold lips pierced region dry after a wash with antibacterial soap. Avoid using cosmetics and spicy and hot food during the initial phase. So, what are you waiting for; flash your fangs!

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