Bio Lip Labret Piercing with 14k Gold Head in a Display

Piercing your lip has given you a devil may care attitude no doubt, but are you sure you can carry it off? Yes, guys with body piercings were labeled as queers a few years before but matters have changed lately and you can safely go around enthralling your friends and acquaintances with exotic piercings on different parts of your body. Do not waste jewelry on ear piercings though; you deserve something that will make you stand out in a crowd.
The best way to go about it is to choose a body part that will win you accolades while not causing you too much hardship. Bingo! The lip it is! So, go on and book your appointment with the best body piercer in town even as you start searching for appropriate labrets.
Remember that the lip piercing will not take long to heal but teasing the delicate skin with thick, metallic ends may result in tears and injuries that will mar your cool guy image for ever. It does pay to be cautious therefore. Look around and inquire freely, you will be surprised to see many of your friends recommending for your purpose. Seeing is believing though and you are entitled to your own opinion. So, it would be best to log in to yourself and check out their fabulous wholesale body collection of lip labrets.
Yes, the skin compatible bio-plast lip labrets look most attractive and you are sure to fall for them. Think of the numerous advantages you will get by selecting this range of labrets too. You can sterilize them even by resorting to the autoclave. No harm to the base material either. The healing process of your pierced lip is enhanced as well while you revel that there is absolutely no nickel anywhere in your labret. That means 0 infections and bye bye skin irritations. Now, isn’t this reason enough to opt for the high quality lip labret available at this unique online jewelry store?
The labrets can be cut into your size of preference too. Now that is a distinct advantage! Wait! Do not forget the aesthetic part even for a moment. Go for the gorgeous gold heads that come in 14K purity. It is great to look at and lends a priceless air to your lovely labret while being well within your budget.
It is time to claim ownership of the 24 multi-shaped lip labrets that is destined to be yours for £59.26 only.

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