Bio Flex Lip Labret with 14k Gold Round Stone Head

Trying to be different and attract attention is certainly no crime and you can do it without too much fuss simply by adorning yourself in an offbeat way. No, there is no need to go over board and start buying jewelry with abandon, losing all your savings in the process. The best way to grab eyeballs is to decorate your lower lip with a stud that glints in a pleasing manner whenever you turn your head to answer a passing comment.
True, you have to get your lip pierced for that. Feel free to inquire and you will be astounded to know that it is one of the most popular body piercings at present. Another great thing about lip piercing is its unisex nature and you are likely to get your will regardless of whether you are a guy or a girl. Well, lip piercings are of various types of course but the most popular of them all is the labret piercing which happens to be bang in the center of your lower lip. No worries though, you are welcome to insert a labret stud through your stylish Monroe or Medusa lip piercing as well.
Thankfully the piercing will not give you any trouble for they are known to heal easily and heal well. Just give it a few weeks and you will be ready for the very first labret that will make your piercing stand out. Shopping for a lip stud is no rocket science either. You can simply walk into the nearest jewelry shop and take your pick. But do you really want to go for the first labret that you see? Spare some time a look around a bit. You do not actually have to go from store to store checking out the jewelry on body jewellery display. The highly acclaimed online body piercing store, will be enough to cater to your needs.
Just log in and check out their extravagant collection. It is truly spectacular. Not only will the shimmering CZ stone of the highest quality compel you to pick up the labret, the bio flex lip labret with 14K gold round stone head surrounding the round stone will leave you satisfied that you are going to get good value for money. The part that you insert within your delicate piercing happens to be fashioned out of bio-flex material that will not only keep your skin free from irritation but you will also have the satisfaction of cutting it into your preferred size before adding the gold head to it.
All this for just €2.27! Can life get any better?

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