Big Gauges

Big gauge earrings and body jewelry are instant attractions for the adventurous and experimental!
So if you wish to grab the limelight at a party or social gathering tunnel gauge, big gauges are the way to go! Even if your ears were pierced to a standard size, you can stretch your earlobe holes using a gradual process that is commonly referred to as gauging. The gauge refers to the thickness of the jewelry. It usually implies the thickness of the wire, but it may also be the diameter of a plug or eyelet. 

These come in sizes ranging from 20 gauges to 00 gauges, so there is a wide range of options available. The smaller the number is,
the thicker the jewelry is.
Most people’s earlobes are initially pierced with a 20 or 18-gauge needle.


Dark Blue Internally Threaded Ear Flesh Tunnel         Hexagonal Blackline Ear Flesh Tunnel         Dark Blue Flesh Tunnel

 It is advisable to speak with a piercing professional before you attempt to stretch the holes of any of your own
They take two weeks to heal between sizes, so gauging should be done accordingly to avoid any risk of scarring the lobe tissue. These days, insertion tapers are used to aid gauging by stretching the ear lobes.

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