Belly rings – A unique style statement for the rebellious

If you are planning to hit the beach this summer, do it in style. It is the perfect time to get your belly pierced. You can sport a stylish bikini and wear a glittering belly ring in your navel to get the sexy and sporty look volkswagen crystal.  The thought of piercing the navel for some may seem scary but with professionals around it is not a problem if good care is taken. If you decide on getting your navel pierced, be sure you take the following precautions. The best time to get your navel pierced is during winter. You have a long healing period ahead of you. Summers are just perfect for beach vacation. Swimming can cause bacterial infection to the pierced area and it may turn out to be very painful.  If you have to go for swimming, it is advisable that you wrap a water resistant bandage for belly bar
Types of Belly Rings
In a healing navel, curved barbells are worn with room for extra swelling. Once it has been healed different types of belly rings including the ones with captive beads can be worn. Dangle types in different colors with gems and jewels encrusted are trendy. Modern belly rings are also made of gold and silver with precious stones like diamond, sapphire and emerald embedded in them. While choosing a gold belly ring remember that with time gold worn in your navel may turn black due to the difference in ph levels in your belly and earlobe.
Pros & Cons
Belly rings may be regarded as a trendy fashion statement but there are many pros and cons to it. Belly rings allow you to flaunt your flat washboard stomach in an appealing way. It helps you look great and create your unique captive bead rings style. Once you have your belly pierced does not mean that you have to wear a belly ring permanently. Wear it whenever you want to flaunt it.

The cons include extended time of recovery. This piercing generally requires longer time to heal as compared to other types of body piercings. Extra precautions need to be taken and you have to follow the professionals’ advice for the healing to happen faster. Body rejection may be another con related to navel piercing. Since a foreign object is being inserted in a delicate part of your body, your body may reject the piercing. It can push your belly ring out and there is always a risk of infection and pain.

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