Belly rings with glitter balls – catch up with the latest trend

Body jewelry is the latest trend in fashion that allows you to flaunt the jewelry on your most prized body part that you want to display with style. brings to you a range of belly rings with glitter balls that will fire your imagination. The belly rings consist of ultraviolet coated glitter balls or beads of different colors at two ends of a surgical steel shaft that is completely free from nickel. Pick your choice from dark blue, light blue, red, purple, pink, green of clear glitter balls that displays your taste and style. The bottom ball is 8mm in size and fixed to the shaft while the 5mm top ball is screwed to the shaft which is 10 mm in size.

Why ultraviolet acrylic beads?
Ultraviolet acrylic beads are thermoplastics derived from acrylic acid and methacrylic acid and commonly known as PMMA or Polymethylmethacrylate. These acrylic belly button rings are widely used in fashion jewelry as these are highly compatible with human skin with no kinds of side effects whatsoever. With the advent of body jewelry this light weight and cheap material is being widely used for its light reflecting properties that gives it a dazzling look.

Trendy fashion

  • offers a wide range of belly rings with glitter balls that can match with all kinds of attire and has the amazing ability to make a special style statement.
  • The colorful embellishment of your navel makes a different appeal and turns the focus of attention towards you.
  • This low priced costume jewelry can be obtained in lots of fifty and be worn with all kinds of attires with complete comfort.
  • The beads glow brilliantly in all kinds of lights and add a colorful aura to your glamour and style that can make heads turn.
  • Choose the colors to suit the occasion and stay apart from the crowd by creating your signature body jewelry that complements your personality and fashion sense.
  • Keep in tune with the latest fashion trends by picking up the belly rings with glitter balls that adds a new dimension to styling.

Show up at places with the most adorable body jewelry that upholds your personality in the way you want it. Give wings to your imagination and present your beautiful self in the most emphatic manner. Create your own fashion entity by adoring belly rings with glitter balls that creates a new fashion language.

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