Unique Belly Piercing Styles that Enhances Your Beauty

Navel rings have become popular among women who love to portray their flat abs and express their sensuality with style and glamour. These belly piercing rings are considered to be erotic and sexy. It can turn heads in parties and clubs and puts the wearer as the center of attraction. It also has different sizes and different metals used.

Belly piercing which was once sacred is now a fashion item. It was used by women all over the world who are into the party culture. Navel piercing is available in various forms and shapes and design in gold, silver, and steel.  This belly piercing jewelry is suitable for human wear and tear. These are in demand with cheap prices and favors by women because it adds to their glamour and sex appeals.

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Unique Belly Piercing Designs and Styles

Tribal Female Belly Piercing

Belly piercing has been made very simple and glamorous with this new launch of tribal female belly Genital jewelry. These are from surgical steel for strength and have a grand visual appeal. These are in the shape of a curved barbell with steel ball at one end and a jeweled ball at the other end. It also has charming jewelry attached to the visible end of the piercing which gives it a royal stunning visual when worn to parties, clubs and other social gatherings. Women love to flaunt their flat ABS and curvaceous hips with this economical body jewel which also uses for piercing the genitals and this genital jewelry is catching up in the fashion world. This makes it a must buy for women.

Flower Dangling Belly Piercing

Dangling flower belly piercing ring is made out of 18 karat gold with premium quality zircon studded in it. This piece of art receives accolades for the details of the craft. The 18 karat gold jeweled flower ring embossed with bright carmine ruby like stones. These can also be used as your earrings too. If flowers do not interest you, why not try the 5 MM Heart shaped belly ring made of solid gold? It is also a perfect gift for your loved ones.

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Navel Barbell Rings

Navel piercing is usually done in or around the navel region. It has become pretty common in the recent times. There is a special kind of barbell available as jewelry and it is popular as navel barbells or banana bells. These barbells have a standard size of 1.6 mm thick and 9.5 mm long. It refers to as 14 size gauge post. There are silver caps on this barbell which usually measure 5mm diameter on the upper portion and 8mm diameter in the lower portion. There is also a new version of the belly piercing jewelry without the need of piercing and is like a clip on earring.

Spinal Belly Rings

Spinal belly piercing rings are attractive and are a major attraction among women in the cosmopolitan crowd.  It comes in various shapes, art forms and floral designs hence make it more glamorous and feminine. Spinal belly rings highlight the flat tummy among women and sores up their hotness level and glam quotient. These glamorous Spinal belly rings are small, unique and easy on the purse. It is a must have for all women who love to attend parties and clubs. It’s a style statement which also shows the boldness in women. Spinal belly rings also come in metals which cool the stomach and are also healthy for women.

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Gold Belly Piercing Ring

You have tried several jewels from our creations. It’s time you take a peek at our scintillating belly piercing collection. The exciting designs and exquisite collection of our gold belly rings are just perfect for those of you who want to sport their attractive navels. If you have the right attitude and flair to set the stage on fire, we surely have a lot to offer you. Carved out of the precious yellow metal, our range of 18 karat gold belly rings are a sheer delight.

Piercebody.com has a pretty collection of belly rings crafted from pure 18 karat gold. The wide array of belly piercing is very affordable yet it does not compromise on the quality. The variety of collection is indeed elegant and dainty ones like florets to contemporary ones like hearts and arrows. If you compare the price you will find that it is cheaper in terms of the market standard. You don’t have to worry about the quality too.


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