Belly button ring display

Dangle Belly buttons are the rage these days, for they add dynamism to your accessory, making them eye catchy and


Multi Jeweled Star Silver Belly Ring         Multi Crystal Heart Belly Rings in Display        Mix Anodized belly Rings in a Display

The fish belly button ring is a popular design. It never fails to impress! The streamlined body of a fish makes it look extremely elegant. The elongated shape makes the navel look more shapely, creating the look of a slim waist. These are available in metals and shiny stones and crystals, as well as in quirky shapes and looks for the young fun-loving wearer.


Dangling Belly rings with Display        SS Single and Double Jeweled Blley Rings in a Display        SS Single Jeweled Blley Rings in a Display


Crystal has always enticed us. The cut and glint of crystal make it hard to resist. It is no wonder that most fashion accessories look best in crystal. So explore the beauty and glamour of this material by getting for yourself one of the several crystal belly buttons piercing available in our wide range. Any shape or design looks extremely classy when crafted in crystal. You can use it to your advantage by wearing a crystal belly button ring to your evening party. It is a new looks, different from your daywear fun bling and adds oomph and class to your evening party wear as well. So crystal is the way to go!

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