Belly bars in cute flower designs

For the naval jewelry lovers, offers a whole new range of accessories that will adorn your toned stomach and make you get that hot look, oh-so-easily! With the demand for jeweled naval barbells increasing with every passing day, we thought of introducing this whole new collection which has just the right combination of beautiful and sensuous.

The belly barbells are of 14 Gauge-10 mm in size. The bar part is 5 mm. both the bar and bell are made of 316L SS or titanium. Because titanium is one of the strongest metals, it is often preferred over gold or silver while making barbell jewelries. The best thing about this metal is, it does not change color with the passing of time. You will hardly find a titanium piece with dents or nicks in it. That is the beauty of titanium: that beautiful polish doesn’t wear off. Also, it is very light and comfortable to wear. Most importantly, if your piercing is relatively new, titanium barbell will never react with your skin to cause allergies. Because titanium is free of any other metals, it is pure and hence is suitable for any skin type.
The charm part, on the other hand is made of 925 sterling silver which is a very durable alloy of silver. A resistance to tarnish is one of the main features of this alloy and hence it makes for a very good jewelry material. The part visible on the surface of the belly is made of jeweled stone in the shape of beautiful flowers and they come in various colors like diamond clear, amethyst, peridot, black, lavender, red, emerald, aqua, dark blue and pink.
The barbells are extremely cost effective. They are designed by keeping youngsters in mind particularly, hence per piece comes at a great amount of #3.65 which is quite pocket friendly.
So, if you are somebody with a different fashion sense, looking for a great way to show off your amazing body, let these accessories be your guide.
We bring you an attractive collection of naval jewelries. All are items are available in different shapes and designs. Do visit our official web piercing bars site, to get more details.

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