Belly Bar with Multi Glitter Star UV balls

Have you seen the belly bar with multi glitter star UV balls offered on display by Piercebody? Do you like it and would you love to own it? Then, without wasting anytime, order for the stunning item and gift yourself with something unique and gorgeous. What? Oh! So you have already have a belly bar? Do not worry.  If your existing belly bar is 6 months old or more than that, you can change it and sport something new. This multi glitter belly bar with UV balls is an excellent choice because it is made of surgical steel and the UV balls blow in light. This will be your perfect companion to turn on the heat.

So, you have decided to replace it yourself. Well, you can always do it provided you should have the belly bar sterilized. This starry and stunning belly bar should be sterilized before using it on your piercing. Now, if you are worried about sterilizing it, don’t be. Just follow the paragraphs.

Wash your new piece of jewelry by lukewarm water and antibacterial soap which can be a liquid one for better effect. Pour a few drops of the liquid soap in water and immerse the jewelry piece into it for 5-10 minutes. Take it out and pat it dry before inserting it into the pierced hole. The next method is by using alcohol or peroxide. You can soak the item into alcohol for around 10 minutes before inserting the jewelry in the perforation. Remember to dry the jewelry before inserting it into your navel piercing. Simple boiling water can be used to sterilize the navel bar before wearing it. Boil water for around 15-20 minutes and soak the jewelry piece inside it for the entire stretch of time. This is quite an effective way to kill germs and bacteria and also the simplest.

Steam treatment is a fine method of sterilizing your jewelry by using cooker. Add enough water inside the cooker to steam well. When it starts steaming, hold the jewelry using tongs for around 45 minutes for 10-12 whistles. This will allow optimal steam penetration and your jewelry piece will be sterilized properly. Finally, you can have the autoclave treatment for which steam treatment happens to be an inexpensive alternative at home. If you can get an autoclave machine or if you know a piercer who can sterilize the piece for you with some amount of money; get it done in the machine.

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