Beautiful Black PVD Plated Dangling Castings Ear Flesh Tunnel

Black is beautiful surely and it remains the truth even as fashion keeps on changing. So, why wouldn’t you settle for a black PVD plated dangler for your pierced ear? You are bound to look amazing with these drop dead gorgeous black PVD plated dangling castings ear flesh tunnel winking from your ears too. True, they are no ordinary earrings. They are sure to expand your piercing appreciably as well. That is where the fun begins though especially if you want to stand apart from the crowd. The danglers may look huge and dominate your face completely but rest assured, they are extremely light weight and you will not feel uncomfortable in the least. The choice of base material here speaks of inherent wisdom too. While the naysayers might try to scare you off with predictions of an infected ear that has been expanded greatly, you need not turn a hair. Surgical steel happens to be 100% safe when it comes to your skin and you will definitely not feel any degree of irritation or a hint of allergy symptoms come on. Check out the narrow gauge of the ear tunnels before you commit yourself, however. Piercebody offers you a choice of width ranging from 6 mm to 16 mm and you can opt for doing your own thing once you decide to go in for this offbeat ear jewelry that steals the attention.
The quaint ear tunnels with cute chains dangling from the wider flesh tunnels are made even more interesting by plating it with the aid of physical vaporization deposition commonly known as PVD. The steel casting jewelry is black in color that dulls the bright sheen of steel just a bit which turns it into a perfect piece of ear jewelry when you want an understated appearance.
You definitely get some added advantage once you opt for this elegant pair of black PVD plated dangling castings ear flesh tunnel. It is completely bio compatible for one and gives you an opportunity of wearing the ear tunnels on a regular basis, if you are not too bothered with changing your ear jewelry off and on. The black color on your piercing jewelry is permanent and there can be no chipping off or tarnished items once you get the color on via PVD. The low friction and scratch resistant property takes care of the other possibilities of damage too and you would be highly pleased to know that the black PVD plated dangling castings ear flesh tunnels are cost effective as well.

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