Beautiful Baby Angel with Heart Navel Belly Bar

You are only young once so go on ahead and get your belly button pierced if you want to do it. Sure, there will be discouragement from family and well wishers but you do need to know your own mind and your body, right? Having a beautiful angel peeping out from just under your newly pierced navel is exciting enough. So why don’t you just go and do it right away. But why take all this trouble for nothing? The attraction lies in the lovely range of silver navel rings that brings you. This wonderfully elegant baby angel with heart navel belly bar for instance. How cool is it?
You are young only once! Your midriff happens to be beautiful too, so do not hesitate in showing it off by choosing to sport an impish cherub with a heart that will dangle from your navel. Made of 925 sterling silver, this particular item of jewelry has everything going for it with almost no cons either. The base metal is enough to declare the seriousness of your intentions too. Your belly button happens to be great and you are not scared to flaunt it either!
What about the colors that thrill? Isn’t silver supposed to be stark white? Sure it is, but the lovely dangling baby angel with heart also has a tinge of color in form of the jewel. Choose the one you fancy. Red or pink, lavender or aqua, or even a mix of the hues; there is no end to the possibilities that this quaint little angel can bring you. Matching your navel ring with your attire is yet another exciting prospect to look forward to. Can you actually afford to purchase one in every color? Sure you do even if you do not have a steady income at present. The price of this gorgeous belly button ring belies belief, it happens to be so affordable!
Cleaning the silver navel ring is not too much of an ordeal either. Get some special silver cleaning foam or make do with a pinch of baking soda. Apply and rub it off with a soft dish cloth. Hey Presto! Your little angel is as good as new again, shining brilliantly from under your cute belly button. Squeeze a bit of toothpaste on to the jewelry if you cannot be bothered with cleaning foams or soda. The result is similar and you have a piece of navel piercing jewelry that gleams and thrills again.

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