Be a Trendsetter with UV Earplugs!

Whistling Girl Lips UV Internal Screw Fit Ear Tunnel

Grab the season’s hottest look as you slip on a pair of stylish earplugs! These earplugs or ear stretchers are generally crafted out of UV material in conformance with the topmost standards of skin-friendliness. Since UV is among the most dependable options for making earplugs, it is largely recommended by those who prefer body jewelry.

Types of UV Earplugs

  • UV Fluoro Flesh Plugs: UV Fluoro Flesh Plugs are making waves in the trend circle! They are widely liked by men and women across the globe; especially among youngsters. Also known as glowing flesh plugs, they are considered a rational option for those who have recently pierced their ears. These florescent UV earplugs have smooth sides and can provide perfect base for logos. Each flesh plug is accented with 2 O-rings to induce newness to its overall appearance.
  • UV Double Flared Eyelets: UV Double flared eyelets are also counted among the most sought-after options worldwide. Slightly funky, these are flared at both ends. Since they are usually flared at both ends, they don’t need any O-ring to accent the appearance. Available in a choice of cool colors, they are known to glow under bright UV light.

Size matters…

UV earplugs are mostly available in a standard thickness of 14 gauges. However, you can explore our range of earplugs in a few simple clicks. They ensure that your ears are looking bigger and more stylishly stretched than before.

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Author: Anuradha

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