Awesome Full Finger Predator Skull Armor Ring

How cool would it be if you could wear a representation of the predators from the immensely popular Alien Vs Predators franchise on your finger? The ones with a taste of the different are surely going to love the idea. Men finger rings are becoming quite in fashion and the wide collection of full finger rings at is created by keeping that in mind. We stock rings of different exquisite designs, keeping the various tastes of individuals in mind. If you are a lover of rings, you are going to be fascinated by the sheer diversity of metal and carvings of and on our rings.

The predator skull armor ring is bound to appeal to those who have a taste in the dark and even the grotesque. This is a beautiful example of how beauty can co-exist with something as scary and sinister as a predator skull because the detailing on the surface of the pewter metal is perfect. In fact, the low melting point of the metal makes it easier for the artisan to carve the designs on the metal so intricately.

Full Finger Pewter Predator Skull Armor RingIf you are not a big fan of the more mainstream metals like sterling silver or platinum, pewter can be a great choice. It has an antique look made possible through chemical darkening of the metal and hence gives off a retro vibe. But at the same time, the upbeat designs show how the ring can be worn by youngsters too. The ring would not need much maintenance. But it is not advisable that you wear this on a regular basis because the full finger design is bound to catch a lot of attention and while it is cool to flaunt this predator armor ring within your friend circle, this is not the right accessory for a more formal or professional gathering. It is a free size ring.

This ring is priced at a reasonable $6.99. It is way cheaper than the more expensive metals but looks just the same and is resistant to corrosion and tarnish equally. The minimum order quantity is two. These will be delivered right at your doorstep within a few days of ordering.

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