Attractive range of colors in UV fancy balls

Attractive colors of UV Fancy Balls
The piercing expert loves it. The newbie wants to try it just as bad. It is nothing but the UV fancy ball. And why not? After all these fancy balls are slowly becoming a fashion hit. The funky look, the flamboyant style and the eye catching colors make these balls such a favorite among the young. The conventional ones, who have long been thinking about unleashing their adventurous side, can sport these fashion accessories and instantly become the limelight of the party. It is no wonder that these innovative pieces are so much adored by the party goers. After all, they do bring out the bold in you.

Designs and use of UV fancy balls:
The UV fancy balls come in myriad designs from star to jewel patterns and are available in a wide assortment of colors. These balls can be fitted into your nose, ear, naval, eye or lip anchor. The balls will be visible and what’s more exciting is that you can replace one ball with another, thus creating different looks for every time you go out with friends or colleagues. Wear them, flaunt them and watch how your sensuousness oozes forth.

So this jewelry offers you with:

  • Different sizes according to your piercing. The sizes range from 1.6x5mm to 1.6x8mm
  • Attractive colors. There are so many glamorous colors to choose from like orange, yellow, black, white, lavender, aqua, dark blue, pink, red, purple, dark green. In case you do not want to draw too much attention, there are clear balls for you which do not possess any distinct color as such.
  • These colors sparkle under LED and disco lights, so that you make heads turn. Specially fitted for night time wearing, these fancy balls would however be perfectly right for any occasion.
  • The balls are so light in weight compared to other fashion jewelries
  • Because they come at a price that suits the budget of a college wear, the balls are economical.
  • Extremely skin friendly. The glossy surface from which the light bounces off makes these balls resistant to skin irritation.
  • Does not need high maintenance.

This is the party season and you can’t afford to buy different pieces of jewelry for every night you put on your dancing shoes. Why worry? Buy these colorful UV fancy balls; wear them as a piercing piece and you are all set to rule the night!

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