Are Labrets still cool?

9K Gold Internal Lip Labret with Square Jeweled Top   

Luscious lips & Labrets do instill some seductiveness in the air labret  ring, the appeal and the style of it not only enhances your looks but creates a signature style of your own ear labret micro labret. Ever since, Labrets came into fashion, they stole the fashion quotient.1.2 internal labret

Lip piercing couldn’t be made more exciting with Rainbow Madonna Labret & Marilyn lip rings! We supply you with finest quality Rainbow Madonna Labret that electrifies your style even more!tri stone labret


Star Shaped Blackline jewelled Madonna Labret      Micro Setting Jeweled Heart Madonna Labret      Blue Anodized Labrets with Stone Ball

Available in attractive colors and designs, these are definitely show stoppers! Everyone knows how much Marilyn has contributed to the pierced & tattooed pin-up style; hence we offer you a huge selection of unique lip rings that brings in the hottest accessories like Marilyn lip rings.

Authentic design and rare work of trendy art is sure to make you love it.Double pierced belly We often wonder that how lip ring spiral should be worn? The answer is as simple as it sounds. Firstly the hole in the lips which has been planted by your doctor should be totally dry; there should be no pain or signs of irritation. Unscrew one of the balls in the ring and put it slowly until it’s visible on the other end. Screw the ring back fast. Remember you shouldn’t keep on touching the ring, as it may irritate the soft skin of your lips.

So, are you all set to surprise everyone with your new look and appeal?

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