Aqua and Black Marble Invisible Fake Ear plug

Be it a nightclub or a party, if you are a teen or twenty then fake it up with your self-styled fashion gimmick: the new Aqua and Black Marble Invisible Fake Ear plug with UV. What can be better than a fake ear plug when you do not want any permanent ear stretching and yet you wish to be the coolest fashion-maniac in town!

Why you should opt for The Aqua and Black Marble Invisible Fake Ear plug?

  • This chunky faux plug is eye-catching and warrants plenty of attention.
  • It is light to weigh, smooth in feel and comfortable for constant use.
  • It is a much reasonable choice from the economic point of view.
  • In spite of being fake it gives the perfect illusion of a real ear plug.

Materials used:
This particular jewelry is made from UV acrylic material and stainless steel. Ultra Violet body piercing jewelry is developed from Polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA and is commonly called Acrylics or Acrylic resin. The jewelry is such that it reacts in Ultraviolet light and gives neon-like glow to it.
The other material used is the 316L stainless steel, whose resistance to corrosion and affordability has popularized its name in the field of fashion jewelry safety.

So this jewelry offers you with:

  • Bio-compatibility.
  • Various sizes of the same spiral design from 3mm to 8mm.
  • Colorful effect that glows under special lights of discos and sunlight.
  • Low maintenance hazard and;
  • Your signature body art look without really compromising with your natural beauty, family traditions or professional requirements.

The Design:

  • The spiral shape of this pseudo ear plug is quirky and unique. It would go with any type of piquant dress you wish to flaunt- a jump suit or cocktail dress!
  • The mingled combinations of the Aqua and Black, along with the smooth Marble texture in this Aqua and Black Marble Invisible Fake Ear plug, yields to a heavenly aura of colors. And there you mark your uniqueness amid the crowd.
  • The spiral shape is compatible with any face cutting and any hairstyle whatsoever.
    So nowadays you do not have to be a brave-heart to flaunt a fashion that’s up on the trend. Just fake it babe! Now hurry up , rush away for the new  Aqua and Black Marble Invisible Fake Ear plug before its late at Pierce Body.

Author: pbblog

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