Anodized Labrets Surgical Steel with Cone

With an extremely interesting name the dolphin bites has become one of the most favorite piercings of the youngsters. It is a unisex piercing which looks cool on the wearer. The piercing resembles the shape of dolphin bites, though not many people have been bitten by these beautiful and friendly mammals; it looks cute and does not occupy much space under your lower lip. Yes, dolphin bites piercing is done just below the center of the lower lip. Some people get it done on the lower lip itself in the center of it. Some people have dolphin bites on the lowest part of the lip.
The best type of jewelry for dolphin bites is the labret stud. The body jewellery store Piercebody brings a large number of labret studs for the piercing enthusiast. This particular anodized labret surgical steel with cone will look amazing at the center of the lips. The item is particularly special because of the cones which are preferred by piercing lovers. You can obtain these cones made of surgical steel and anodized for you in 4 different colors and mix and match the colors to suit your taste. For instance, you can use the golden cone with the multicolor one for the added effect. It will definitely make your lips appear more attractive. The price at which you will obtain the products is quite competitive.
Whether you have full lips or thin ones, the dolphin bites can enhance the allure of your lips. But to have this cute cone placed under your lower lips, you must find an experienced piercing professional who will perform the piercing wisely and dexterously. If this is your first piercing, you must ask about the aftercare routine and follow it and if it is your 2nd, 3rd or 4th time, then you already know the drill. Saline soak is mandatory during the initial phase of healing. The healing time for dolphin bites piercing is 2-6 months depending on the immunity mechanism of your body.
Keep the place clean and avoid wearing pullovers because it might interfere with your newly pierced area. Do not touch the piercing with dirty hands and always remember to clean your mouth after meals. Brush slowly using soft bristled toothbrush and also void applying makeup during the healing period. Surprise everyone with your dolphin bites this holiday and garner appreciation from your friends and be the envy of your competitors.

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