American Holly Leaf Belly Button Ring

American Holly Leaf Belly Button RingSo, you are going on a holiday and you still haven’t decided on which piercing to sport? Well, a stainless steel belly bar piercing is a classic one for holidays especially with the bikinis on. You will look sexy and attractive with a brand new belly piercing to the beach. Pair it up with colorful beach clothes and lot of other bling accessories if you wish to have the desired effect. Piercebody brings lots of such beautiful and sexy belly button rings for you to flaunt on the beach; some striking ones which will be visible from a great distance.
One such cool item is a silver navel ring which is in the shape of American Holly Leaf belly button ring. With perfect shape and finish, this item is a one of a kind piece whose bar and ball are made from titanium/316l surgical steel and the charm part is crafted carefully from 925 silver studded with high quality gemstones. There is a wide range of colorful gemstones that can be studded with the holy leaf. You can buy according to your choice. You can also buy a couple of them and keep changing it with your clothes. The bar size is standard one that generally suits everybody’s belly button.
It is a good time to have piercing before going on a holiday, but remember not to make it too close to your holiday dates because then you won’t be able to swim then. New piercings are not allowed to be in contact with sea water and also with the beach sand because it might cause infection and injury. Also you may not be able to surf and play beach volleyball with a new piercing on your belly button. So, get it done way in advance so that you can enjoy the beach sand and sun.
In fact, some of the piercings that rock the beach look apart from navel include cartilage, lip, tongue, dermal, nose, and the latest are the hips. The hips and the belly button are considered to be the best beach holiday piercings because people tend to wear lot of low waist clothes during this time. At least give it 6 weeks time to heal before you go on your trip. If you follow the instructions of aftercare properly then after 6 weeks you will able to indulge in each and every beach activity you had wanted to be a part of.

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