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Body art is something that involves the body as canvas. Throughout the history, the most famous artistic medium has been the body itself from tattooing and face painting to piercing and body scarring. All this helps classifying body art into better trends. Piercing and tattoos have the first place these days.

Youth are crazy about getting pierced and tattooed. And not only the youth this trend is also catching the older generation. They consider it a very classy and trendy thing. You can get the extreme body modification jewelry easily. This type of jewelry not only makes you look different from other but you also feel good.



For the youth looking good means feeling good. They consider this point the most important while getting ready. There are many famous designs in body art and one of them is Rasta spiral gauges Rasta spiral is basically a spiral with many colors in it. It has red, yellow, and green is excess. You can even go for any other design.
There are several designs. You can either go for a colored tattoo or even black and white.  But before getting tattooed and before
getting the piercing just look for the healing methods and the procedure involved which has no side effects afterwards.

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