Amazing ear plugs made of surgical steel

So, heading for a party and don’t know how to give off that cool vibe? At, we have just the right collection for you. Surgical steel fake ear plug expanders will make you look stylish and cool at the same time. They have UV rings in O shapes attached to them which will sparkle and shine when they catch light. This funky design in great colors will only make the night out more fun as all eyes fix on you!

Ear Plug Expanders:
There are so many new accessories being created every day just to provide you your coveted design. One of these is the ear plug which fit in the ear that is pierced and makes it appear stretched. One of the primary questions involving the Ear stretching is which size to pick for. For people who have worn earrings regularly, a 16 gauge is good for a first time pick. They work well with piercings that have healed newly. Our collection of fake ear plug expanders comes at 16 Gauge Barbells, perfect for everyday wear.

Surgical steel material:
There is a reason why we recommend why we recommend these fancy ear plugs for wearers trying ear stretching for the first time. The surgical steel does not cause infection or irritates skin in any way. Unlike other conventional metals, this particular steel does not react with the fluids that may discharge from the piercing from time to time. Also, the high glossy finish gives the plugs a shine, making it look all high profile and chic!

Features of fancy ear plugs:
The ear plugs are undoubtedly attractive. Here’s why:

  • The UV rings in O design! You know how UV material catches light? Well, these ear plugs with UV rings may just be your helping hand in making you stand out from the crowd!
  • For the young and the bold who loves to experiment with flamboyant looks everyday of the year, these fancy ear plugs are just perfect.
  • The eye catching colors can complement your outfit.
  • They are not high maintenance. Because these are made of surgical steel, the plugs can be washed and removed at your own wish.
  • The ear plugs are highly cost effective. At out store, you can get each of this at the price of $0.35

So, if you are an admirer of boldness in everyday look, let our fancy ear plugs be your companion. Visit us at www.piercebody,com

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