Amazing ear gauges

Casting Eagle Flesh Tunnel  Black and Gold Color Jeweled Fake Ear Plug

Ear gauges are the beautiful and vibrant body jewelries to accentuate your style and give your personality a makeover it deserves fake ear plug. You can use them to glamorize yourself and then create a power statement all gauges.

These ear gauges are highly sought after; if you have stretched ears then these gauges will be perfect for you. 20 gauge nose jewelry

Logo designer cheap ear gauges are also readily available in the market ear skin and will significantly improve your look.

Also check out the Zebra pattern design jewelry to brighten up look and a stylish feel.nose open hoop

Double Flared Loaded Gun Cylinder Plug     

Next in the like are the ear gauge plugs, which are another important piece of  body jewelry and is readily available in our retail store and wholesale store.

It is also available in various materials like Buffalo Horn, coral earplugs or stone ones. Since these materials are
lightweight, cheap and gentle on the skin, it becomes a great move to buy the earplugs.
There are crystals and jewel studded earplugs as well if you want a blingy look, go for the crystal heart plugs 4mm.


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