All about Labrets: Latest Designs and Trends

Labrets are commonly known as lip piercings and are one of the boldest fashion statements these days. It can definitely help you to carve a niche for yourself when it comes to style. Lip piercing barbell is often called Labrets. They are appropriate for lip and tongue piercing.  Labret body jewelry attaches in the lip (labrum) and usually adorned below the bottom lip and above the chin. This often calls as a “tongue pillar.” This usually has a flat base plate and from this base plate, a smooth stem protrudes. This stem a attaches a removable ball which can be replaced with a wide variety of accessories, jeweled balls, UV acrylic balls, and spikes.

Labrets body jewelry is one of the common types of the body jewelry and is specially made to be used as a piercing jewelry. The name of the jewelry helps in identification of the design. Designers usually name these items after the body part that is meant to be pierced in. It looks simple and has an inherent coolness about them. Bringing out a different aspect of your character, these labrets are easy to wear for regular use.

surgical steel

Labret Designs and Styles

Different designs are available in labrets. It has Stars, hearts, flowers, cones, and the list of beautiful shapes. You can even hope to wear a gold plated one or go in for the jeweled look.  It might actually be wise to check out the vast collection at before you take the final call. This fashionable jewelry is manufactured using Gold, silver, surgical steel, titanium, wood, horn, and much more. These can also be customized as per customer’s requirement.

BioPlast Labrets

Bioplast labrets are also available to add comfort to your piercing. You can also get customized Labrets when ordering. So come and grab your deal jewelry with our colorful and vibrant range of Labrets.

Surgical Steel Labrets

Labrets made from surgical steel are often advised to be used. Most of this Labret which is 16g has its end balls available in two sizes – either 3mm size or 4mm size. Since this is made from surgical steel, it is 100% safe for your skin and will not cause any allergies. Also, it is very cost effective and is essential to keep the infections at bay. Steel labret piercing will help in making it appear more attractive. Fabulous to look at the labret piercings have micro jewels to accentuate the effect or anodized ends for a flawless appearance. Obtainable in various shapes of cones, hearts, stars and much more on the visible end make them more stunning. If you are fond of experimenting with your look, then the labret piercings are ideal for you.

Gold Jewelry Labrets

This Labret has been designed with high quality and precision materials including 14k gold. This is a hollow gold, which makes it featherlike. The stone is 2mm in thickness suiting the anatomy and placement of the piercing. The sparkle of gorgeous and genuine gemstones paired with high-quality 14K gold is the perfect classic addition your Labret.

UV Labret

UV Labrets jewelry is the special jewelry designed for your lip piercing. Today, these Labrets are much in demand among the youth. UV Labrets offer special radiance to your face and make it glow during the night. Once pierced, the Labrets tend to react in UV lights or in nightclubs or discos and making you as the center of attraction. The fondness for this particular jewelry turns into an irresistible attraction when it is a UV labret that flashes in LED light. You are bound to be the center of attraction wherever you choose to pass the evening. Get all this and more by buying the fancy UV labrets in all colors of the rainbow. No need to search high and low for this fancy jewelry either.

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Anodized Labret

Lip is an essential part of our body. Nowadays, piercings in lips are quite common for both boys as well as girls. These piercings of lips can be made more attractive by the different types of jewels. One amongst them is quite popular nowadays which the Labret anodized jewels are. It is straight piercings which are perfect to be used in the center of the lips. The special aspect of this jewelry is that they are free from skin infections and allergic reactions because of the use of high-quality materials. Further, many colors and designs with cone or ball ends are available on the site.


When it comes to body jewelry, two of the very common issues associated with it are an infection and allergic reactions. However, with titanium jewelry, you are assured to have a safe piercing. This wonder metal not just enhances your beauty, but even offers the utmost safety. If you desire to have a lip piercing labret then the best metal to consider for this is titanium.

You can get attractive Labrets in Titanium G23 which are of top quality and they are also nickel free. Titanium Labrets are also lighter and stronger than steel which makes your body piercing jewelry comfortable, durable and scratch-free. It is also beautiful and last for a longer time and they are skin friendly and great for the personal style.

Tragus Labrets

Lip piercing has become a cult following among women and even men have started to explore this daring body piercing style. Labrets are lip jewelry and tragus is the upper part of the lower ear lobe where the piercing is done just at ear entrance. These Tragus Labrets are types of body piercing jewelry which have the shape of the straight stud with one bead at one end and is a removable screw and UV cones at one end which glows under the light. These Tragus Labrets is used for piercing lips and inner ears with ease and have surgical steel as their component which is anodized. It’s very smooth to wear and hygienic for the human body too.

anodised titanium labrets

Safety Concerns before Getting a Body Piercing Jewelry

Choosing Jewellery for a new piercing is obviously quite different from shopping for a ring to wear on your finger. The look of the jewelry that is placed in your fresh piercing must be a secondary aspect that affects safety and compatibility with your body.

Where Can You Find a Stunning Labret Jewelry

If you are bored of your plain Jane look, then it is time to change your perspective about fashion. Have you ever thought of decorating your lip with something else other a lipstick? No? Then you must take a look through the amazing labret piercing collection from  Labrets have different designs such those with conic ends or balls or square-shaped and lots more at wholesale prices. They are also available in multicolor patterns. Be special by wearing this fascinating Labret jewelry. Grab a piece and try it to experience the change in your glamour and your confidence.  Deciding on a single piece of jewelry is definitely going to be tough here!


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