Advantage of Using 316 Surgical Steel Segment Rings

 surgical steel segment rings

Surgical steel segment rings are next generation body piercing jewelry. They are made of anodized surgical steel where the outside layer is made thicker by electronic passivation so the external layer becomes rust free and is highly durable. Segment rings have smoothness externally so women love it when worn and they have no harm on the body. This types of nose rings come in various sizes and designs made with precision cutting.

These surgical steel segment rings have a detachable segment which can be removed and can be applied in various body parts like lips, eyebrows, abs, and ears. It is loved by women and best form as affordable gifts to dear and loved ones.

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Advantage of Using Surgical Steel Segment Rings

Segment rings are considered to be an alternative for captive bead ring jewelry. These segments ring work great for the nose rings, nipple rings as well as lip rings. These segment rings are provided with a small segment which comes out as and when the ring is slightly opened.  They are provided with small prongs which tightly hold the segment inside.

In order to open this segment ring jewelry, tightly hold the segments on top and push it gently to one side by applying pressure on one side and the segment will ease some outside. This process has to be done without altering the shape of the segment.


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Opt for a Surgical Steel Segment Rings

Surgical steel segment rings piercing is perfect to make you look bolder, classy and elegant. This segment rings jewelry are skin friendly and one does not worry about any type of infection. They are available in beautiful designs that will completely astound you. There are different types of designs such as rings, studs and much more. You will be mesmerized by the huge segment rings collection provided to you. It is available at very affordable rates. These nose surgical steel has a good durability and will really look great. One thinks that the procedure of piercing is painful, but it is not true at all.

 surgical steel segment ring

Threading a ring through your body piercing is often an ordeal especially when you’re piercing is new or when it is located in a particularly sensitive part of your body. Not so with a steel ring that is segmented, though! All you need to do is insert the pointed end of the ring within your piercing and close the end with a click. Never mind whether you use it on your ear, nose or navel, they are sure to look hot and happening. So opt for the dual advantage of safety and style by choosing 316L surgical steel segment rings that are plain or anodized in gold and black and look cool forever.



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