Adhesive Body Jewelry

At the, we try to provide you the best body jewelry  and include the barbells as well. The barbell is a stylish piece of body jewelry that fits perfectly in your piercing without causing any kind of irritation or infection.Basic piercing jewelry
The barbell can be used in various types of piercing uv balls 4mm. You can check out the different barbell accessories  on our web store.eyebrow 1.2 10mm

The anodized straight barbell is one of the basic barbell choices amongst the people; made of anodized surgical steel this barbell is available in various colors and styles. There are steel and UV barbells tongue rings as well of size 1.6x16mm and with ball size of around 5mm. These barbells are wonderful body jewelry pieces. 1.2 mm dermal

Logo Top Dermal piercings

You can also check out the neck piercing bars, which come with G23 grade titanium or the stainless steel. These neck-piercing
bars are made of bio – compatible material, hence, are quite safe for the skin. They give you a highly stylish look with the help of studded gems available in a wide range of colors. tongue rings 16mm

Flatback Surgical Steel Labret  

You can also use the unique lip piercing jewelry to get that stylish look. There are different kinds of lip
piercings like the Monroe piercing, labrets etc. You can go for the barbell labrets, specially designed for the lip piercing. These are surgical steel anodized labrets with balls available in the size 1.2x8mmx3/3, 1.2x10mmx3/3.

These body jewelry pieces use a bio compatible material, thus making it safe for the skin and it also has a low rejection rate.

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