Add UV fancy beach balls to your piercing jewelry collection

You have panache for the cool, right? And hence it is obvious that you will want something out-of-the-box to adorn your piercings too. You have come to the perfect place. In this website, you will get a huge display of striking beach piercing balls in twirly designs, perfect to wear with cropped tops or a flowery dress. Bring out the bold and the beautiful in you through these amazing patterns.

Why wear UV material?
This is a very common question. Most people do not have a clear idea about UV material. It is in fact that element that makes the balls sparkle when they catch light. Ultra Violet body piercing jewelries are widely manufactured from Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) these days. They come from polymers of derivatives or acrylic acid and methacrylic acid and are generally known as Acrylics and Acrylic resin.
You are wrong if you think they can be harmful for your skin. UV material is extremely skin friendly.

Design of the fancy beach balls:
You notice how those balls you play sports with in beach are? Lots of colors and swirling patterns? Yes, our beach ball piercing collection looks exactly the same. They are called fancy for a reason. It will be almost like carrying a part of the sunny beach with you. The wide array of beautiful colors adds to the beauty of these balls.

Why opt for this jewelry?
The question should be, why not? The reasons are endless!

  • The balls can be fitted onto any anchors. Hence you have different look for every time you go out with your friends for a casual hangout.
  • The balls come in various sizes and can be attached to any pins. Be it ear, naval, tongue or nose piercings, these fancy balls can be used for any purpose.
  • The UV ball piercing  materials sparkle and glow in response to the disco lights, making sure you gain attention from every corner.
  • The balls do not need high maintenance. And because there are so many replacements, you don’t have to fret if any one goes missing.
  • The quirky beach design is an instant favorite among the young.
  • For only $0.29, you can get these amazingly cool fancy balls. Now, that is what you call a reasonable price!

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